Center for Translational Cancer Research

Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich


Staatliches Bauamt München 2
Ludwigstrasse 18
80539 München


laboratories, offices,
seminar rooms, cafeteria,
underground parking

Work phases

2 – 5 building planning

Safety level


Planning start


Construction time

2014 – 2016


16.980 m²


73.381 m³

UA 1-7

8.012 m²

The TranslaTUM completes the development of the east side of the clinic campus and, with its significant main body, has become an iconic trademark for the campus site. With its unique form of urban development, the design summarises the complete site and through its significant volume, redefines the corner of Einstein-Trogerstraße. Subareas were removed from the building mass at locations relevant to the urban development. This creates a volume with a striking s-shape.

The new building intends to aid cooperation, scientific communication and exchange between basic researchers of various disciplines (biology, biomedicine, biochemistry, physics, engineering sciences) and to stimulate and reinforce the work of doctors in the clinics. The bright entrance hall with its open, curving staircase and large gallery openings creates a variety of visual links. It also forms a communicative center between the three above-ground department storeys, used as offices and laboratories.

The facade corresponds to the basic idea of the design and the building’s multi-layered uses. It is horizontally structured featuring continuous strips of window elements as well as horizontally corrugated ceramic plates in nuanced white shades. These plates accentuate the wave-like shell of the building and summarise the laboratory and office areas. “Public areas” such as the cafeteria, the seminar rooms, the auditorium on the ground floor and the entrance areas are excluded from the facade system.

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