Extract from the announcement (Competitionline) from 04.05.2020:

In May 2020 the announcement for the new building of the technical chemistry of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität was published as a negotiation procedure with a competition.

‘The Free State of Bavaria, represented by the State Building Authority of Erlangen-Nuremberg, intends to build the new technical chemistry building on the site of the FAU’s technical faculty in Erlangen-Nürnberg. Technical Chemistry consists of 3 chairs, “Chemical Reaction Technology” (CRT), “Thermal Process Engineering” (TVT) and the “Erlangen Catalysis Resource Center” (ECRC).

The CRT develops novel catalyst systems and processes for carrying out technically relevant chemical reactions in a highly selective manner. This research makes a significant contribution to the future production of chemicals from economical and improve ecological view. At the TVT, separation processes are designed, modeled and piloted on the basis of thermodynamics. The fields of work are thermodynamics, separation technology, additives, energy and high pressure technology. The ECRC deals with all facets of catalysis research from catalyst production and characterization to testing in practice-relevant reactions.

This interdisciplinary research approach enables the development and improvement of sustainable chemical processes through the use of optimized catalysts. The existing building at Egerlandstrasse 3 from 1972, in which the chairs of technical chemistry are currently housed, is in urgent need of renovation. A general refurbishment is not economical from a spatial and technical point of view and cannot be carried out during operation. A new building must therefore be built in order to maintain the working capacity of the chairs of technical chemistry.’


We are pleased that doranth post architects was awarded the contract for this new building in July 2020.