1st Prize Competition “Construction of the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research” in Würzburg

Excerpt from the jury report:

“The design of the polygonal structure impresses with its skilful spatial integration into the urban structure of the campus, while at the same time underscoring the autonomy on campus through the” kink “in the facades and unscrewing the front and defining an identity-building, self-confident HIRI Face to the Josef-Schneider-Straße. The education of the roof terrace gives the building an additional striking sign.The clear relation to the Josef Schenider road supports the orientation to the central entrance arranged in the new building, whose situation also a good connection to the entrance into the building The clever panning opens the space between the HIRI and the existing building D15 and creates an attractive location The open space to the west of the new building has the potential for entrée to the HIRI, stay and a good connection between the different ones Levels in the north-south divide.

The inner structure is convincingly solved. The central access element connects vertically via a spacious staircase to all floors and offers communication space on all levels – from the forecourt to the roof terrace. The large seminar area is conveniently located to the main entrance. Due to the depth of the structure and the four-level structure (evaluation areas, laboratory zone, dark rooms and office), usability and flexibility are achieved, allowing for different and individual arrangements. ”


Foto: Main-Post, 12.10.2018


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